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Purpose Statement

Jesus prayed for his disciples that they would be one. In light of our Lord's desire for unity among his people we join together as the North State Ecumenical Conference (NSEC).

The North State Ecumenical Conference is a gathering of judicatory representatives that serves as a forum for on-going discussion of faith and order matters for the purpose of developing and expressing unity in Jesus Christ in our witness to the world.

We bring diversity that benefits all participant members and we encourage bilateral and multilateral dialogue

We attempt to celebrate and respect a diversity that enriches the faith and order of all participants without advocating uniformity.

We will seek opportunities to express our emerging unity.


The NSEC holds at least five regular meetings per year. NSEC typically meets at times spaced throughout the year at the hosting church facility.

Two individuals may represent each voting judicatory to the Conference with the appointment or agreement of their respective denomination. At least one of the two representatives shall be ordained. The Secretary need not be a voting member of the Conference. Each member is expected to accept the baptismal promises as confessed in the Apostles' Creed.

NSEC meets to keep communication and discussion open within our local respective denominational Christian membership, to learn more about one another, and to foster Christian unity. Historically, NSEC has hosted ecumenical study days, special worship services and ecumenical activities. Currently, NSEC supports the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which includes an ecumenical worship service with a keynote speaker. This speaker will also be invited to share some words, fellowship and discussion at a dinner with the judicatory leaders.

NSEC is an ecumenical network for Northern California based in Sacramento. Each year a budget will be prepared and the membership assessed evenly.